Following My Feet Follow Jeff Bevan across Somerset

Starlings at Sunset - Ham Wall, Somerst, UK. ID JB1_5899

Starling Trail

It was fun having some company while sitting on a bench waiting for the starlings to arrive at RSPB Ham Wall in Somerset. The first starlings arrived through the dark evening sky. They dropped...

Starlings at Dawn - Ham Wall, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_5688

Starling Trail

RSPB Ham Wall An explosion of starlings leaves the reed beds just yards from the Tor View bird hide. Immediately the sky is packed fill of noisy birds. As they spread out across Somerset

Starling Murmuration - Ham Wall, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_5432

Starling Trail

Ham Wall The sky to the west was dark and I did not have high hopes for this evening’s visit to RSPB Ham Wall to watch the starlings return to their roost.  But I...

Glastonbury Tor - From the Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_4355

Axe Valley

Somerset Mists On clear cold winter mornings mystical mists hang over the Somerset Levels. High up the south facing slopes of the Mendip Hills is the perfect spot to take in the whole landscape....

Waltons Lagoon - Ham Wall, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_4649

Starling Trail

Starlings at Dawn I chance visit on the way to work at Ham Wall to watch the starlings leave the roost.  RSPB Ham Wall is a beautiful spot in the morning and only a...

Lynchcombe in November

The exciting news from November was the first snow of winter. Not a lot of snow for the Mendip Hills but its still very early in the season so we should get lots more....

Starlings - Walton Heath, Ham Wall, Somerset, UK.

Starling Trail

Waltons Heath One of the most popular parts of the RSPB Ham Wall nature reserve is Waltons Heath.  Each winter the Waltons play host to a million starlings roosting amongst the reed to keep...

Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)

Bishops Moat

  Last year the Bishops Palace in Wells, England’s smallest city, put on a wonderful display of homemade poppies.  The stood proud and high on their tall metal stems. This year the field of...

Starling Murmuration - Ham Wall

Starling Trail

There is often a beautiful sunset while waiting for the starlings to arrive at their roost in RSPB Ham Wall.  After the sun had dropped below the horizon the birds started to arrive through...

Starling Murmuration - Loxtons, Ham Wall, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_2071

Starling Trail

After a dull overcast day the clouds started to break-up just in time for the first groups of starlings to arrive at RSPB Ham Wall for their night’s roost. The birds had been a...