Following My Feet Following Jeff Bevan across Somerset

Pink Bales at Barton St David

Pink Bales

Pink bales are spreading across Somerset again raising awareness for breast cancer research.  These fields are near Barton St. David in Somerset.

Marbled White at Edford Meadows

Edford Meadows

An evening visit to Edford Meadows with other volunteers from the Somerset Wildlife Trust.  This was my first ever visit to this reserve and many thanks to the SWT for the evening and especially...

Marbled White - Lynchcombe

Lynchcombe Update

A few days ago I came across a group of Marbled White (Melanargia calathea) butterflies while walking around the edge of a field near Castle Cary. So today on one of my regular visits...

Poppies - Castle Cary, Somerset, UK.

Hadspen Poppies

I cannot resist a field of bright red poppies. These were in a field above Hadspen near Castle Cary in Somerset. And finally… This field of poppies had some great butterflies including Green-veined Whites (Pieris...

Meadow cranes-bill (Geranium pratense) - Ridge Road, Croscombe, Somerset, UK.

Meadow cranes-bill

This is a patch of Meadow cranes-bill (Geranium pratense) on the corner of the Ridge Road and Old Wells Road above the village of Croscombe in Somerset. This beautiful flower is very common along the local...


Poppy Fields

Today I made an early morning stop above Castle Cary to photograph poppies. In the distance more poppies shone bright red in the landscape. Distant poppy field on Nettlecombe Hill in Somerset. The view...

Large Skipper, Ochlodes sylvanus

Lynchcombe Update

Today on Lynchcombe was a day of sunshine and showers. Butterfly Transect Getting a few more butterflies as summer attempts to start. June weather had been so poor on the weekends so this was...

Large Blue (Maculinea arion) - Collard Hill, Somerset, UK. ID 807_6373

Large Blues at Collard Hill

Its been a while since my last post.  There are two reasons for this – first was DIY as my home is extended with a new kitchen; second, the weather has been really bad.  Weeks of...

Draycott Sleights

Sunset Beech

An evening visit to the line of beech trees on Draycott Sleights. These trees on the Somerset Wildlife Trust reserve are a landmark on the south facing ridge of the Mendip Hills in Somerset....


Lynchcombe Update

High up on the Mendip Hill spring has arrived. The hawthorn that covers much of the reserve, and the neighbouring Deerleap field, is in flower and lambs are running around everywhere. The path into...