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Snowdrops - Mells, Somerset, UK. ID 804_2436

Mells Snowdrops

Snowdrops of Wadbury Valley In the steep wooded valley that leads east of the village of Mells are some of my favourite snowdrop sites. The best spot can be found on a raised platform...

Snowdrops - Mells Common, Somerset, UK. ID 828_1458

Village Snowdrops

There are lots of places to see snowdrops in my area of Somerset.  The best areas seem to be the Camelot villages down south and around Mells and Nunney up north.  Today I ventured...

Snowdrops - Mells, Somerset, UK. ID 824_7609

Mells Snowdrops

Mells The arrival of snowdrops marks the start of the end of winter.  A time when I stop following the starlings on the levels and start looking out for the signs of spring.  My...

Snowdrops - Mells, Somerset, UK. ID 809_9536


I found a rare gap from my day job that is turning into a seven days a week job.  So I rushed up to Mells to photograph the snowdrops before the light disappeared from the valley. The clouds...

Snow drops and Rain drops

Snowdrop Valley

With the bad weather, and being full of a cold, I just about made it out of the house for a short visit to Mells in Somerset to photograph the snowdrops. The Village Snowdrops...

Snowdrop Lawn

Snowdrop Lawn

I’m worried this is not going to be a good year for Snowdrops. The warm wet weather has caused them to brown and look washed out. This appears to be a particular problem down...

More Snowdrops

The Snowdrops are late this year giving me another opportunity to visit Mells Valley.  Being later in the year the sun is higher in the sky allowing more time to photography backlit flowers.  

Snowdrops - Mells

Mells Snowdrops

My annual trip to the village of Mells to photograph Snowdrops.  My favourite spot is down the Mells Valley passed the ivy covered ruins.  The deep wooded valley is full of history but not...


Snowdrops in the Sun

During my previous visit to Mells the light was soft and so considered good for flower photography.  But snowdrops glow in backlit sun.  The valley at Mells has steep sides and so you need...


Snowdrops of Mells Valley

This time of year again for me to visit the Mells Valley to photograph the snowdrops.  I love snowdrops because they flower during winter but look so fragile; they can signal the beginning of...