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Southern Hawker (Aeshna cyanea) - Waldegrave, Somerset, UK. ID JBA_4142

Waldegrave Pond

The Jewell in the crowd for Dragonflies on the Mendip Hills is the Waldegrave Pond. This is part of the former Somerset Wildlife Trust reserve of Priddy Mineries. Sadly the SWT no longer manage...

Emerald damselfly (Lestes spoons) at Waldegrave Pond on the Mendip Hills

Emerald Flash

For many years dragonflies were my primary photographic subjects. I photographed little else apart from snow and starlings in the winter. Today I returned to Waldegrave Pond, a wildlife jewel high up in the...

Emerald Damselflies (Lestes sponsa)

Waldegrave Pond

One of my favourite spots close to my home is the Waldegrave Pond at Priddy Mineries high up in the Mendip Hills of Somerset.  In the summer it is the best spot around for...