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April Shower - St Cuthberts, Wells, Somerset, UK. ID 810_8269

April Showers

April showers are part of spring in Somerset.  This shower curtain moved slowly across the sky above Wells. Strange Weather After a warm dry start to the spring this week the weather changed direction...

St Cuthberts Daffodils

St Cuthbert’s of Wells is the largest church in Somerset. It is so big, and has such a good position in the centre of the city, that many visitors think its the Cathedral.  Early spring each year lines of daffodils fill the church yard....

Wells Cathedral Green Orange and Pink - Wells, Somerset, UK. ID 810_1330

Wells Cathedral

Today.  Awake and up at 5:50am.  Out the door to get to work by 7am.  Driving to work.  Saw the sky.  Needed a silhouette.  Chose Wells Cathedral.  Parked the car.  Took some pictures.  Back...

Morrisons - Wells, Somerset, UK. ID 1497

Morrisons From Heaven

Two Cathedrals in Wells?  Well on a night like tonight with a sky from heaven I found myself in a roadside lay-by staring at Morrisons as it glowed in the dark.  Rays of gold pointing to the supermarket sitting in-front...

Bishops Palace - Wells, Somerset, UK. ID moat17

Wells at Autumn

Wells in Somerset is the smallest city in England.  It has many historical buildings including the Bishops Palace and its Cathedral.  Today autumn was on its way but it was an incredible 19 Celsius – as warm as...

Red Hedge, Wells

Red Hedge

Hedges in an area of Wells have been draped in red netting to stop birds nesting.  It marks the submission of plans to build 150 new homes. And Finally… The strange patterns of blue...

Church of St Cuthbert, Wells

Church of St Cuthbert

I have photographed the Church of St Cuthbert in Wells from high up on Deerleap many times. Each spring this church puts on a display of daffodils so today it was time to get...

St Cuthberts Dawn


A quick trip up Deerleap on the edge of the Mendip Hills above Wookey and Wells.  This has been a very mild winter with temperatures around 15 degrees.  Today was yet another mild day. I...

Wild Garlic at Round Wood

Round Wood

Round Wood near Wells is one of the best locations in Somerset to find a carpet of Wild Garlic (Allium ursinum).  Each spring these white flowers cover the slopes of the woodland floor looking like a...

Birds foot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus)

Around Wells

I walked around by local patch looking for flowers.   The best at Yarley Fields and Round Wood near Wells.