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This morning I was walking around Lynchcombe.  This reserve has excellent views across the Somerset Levels.  I could see the fields around Meare were under floodwater so in the afternoon I drove down to there...

Starlings in the fields around Stileway

Starling Trail

It is hard to predict where the Starlings are going to roost.  However, there appears to be an annual pattern that is loosely followed.  Starting in Stileway, moving into Ham Wall around Christmas (great...


Old Stileway Farm

Spillway without Starlings again.  Not sure where they went, but they were not here.  Instead a series of pictures around the farm.

Stileway Starlings 5

Starling Trail

The Starlings in the fields around the village of Spillway before flying into Ham Wall nature reserve to roost for the night.  This is a favourite location of mine for photographing Starlings as the...

Turnbridge near flood

Floodwater on the Levels

Flooding across the Somerset Levels.  Here at Spillway near the Ham Wall nature reserve the water levels are at their limits.