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Remembrance Poppies - Church of St Mary - Abbas and Templecombe, Somerset, UK. ID 826_2564

Templecombe Poppies

This Sunday marks 100 years since the Armistice was signed in November 1918, bringing an end to the First World War.  On Remembrance Sunday 11 November 2018, people around Somerset will be reflecting on the lives...

Tower Hill Sunrise - Templecombe, Somerset, UK. ID 823_3690

Templecombe Sunrise

Its that time of year again when the sunrises as I drive, or even better cycle, to work. Plan B I drew up a plan for today… get up at 5:30am, go to the small village...

Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) and Common Vetch (Vicia sativa) - Templecombe, Somerset, UK. ID 822_8068

Summer Hedgerows

The hedgerows are looking good across Somerset. In The Rain The rain was coming down drooping the grass with pearls of water drops. Despite the weather this bumble bee ventured out. The butterflies remained...

Autumn Colour - Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset, UK. ID DSC_0614

Corners of Colour

This autumn is looks like being one of the best years for colour.  But these colours are fleeting and work commitments mean it is easy to miss.  So I’m taking every opportunity regardless of the weather....

Church of St Mary, Abbas and Templecombe


I’ve been looking for a good time to photograph the church in the village of Templecombe. I pass the church often but rarely with my camera and have in the past missed many opportunities...

Templecombe Meadows

Temple Lane Meadows

Temple Lane leads east from the village of Templecombe.  It lies on the Somerset-Dorset border and along it length are a series of damp meadows full of buttercups.