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Sunrise from Lamyat Beacon - Bruton, Somerset, UK. ID 826_1224

Lamyatt Beacon

Lamyatt Beacon is at the site of a Celtic temple high on one of the tops of Creech Hill.  This is the highest spot for miles and has commanding views of the countryside. This morning a deep...

Lamyat Summer Dawn - Somerset, UK. ID 825_6335H

Lamyat Summer Dawn

Lamyat Lamyat is small parish in the middle of Somerset north of the town of Castle Cary.  At the west end the fields are flat while the east is dominated by the 199m high Creech Hill....

Nosey Cow - St James Church, Milton Clevedon, Somerset,, UK. ID 804_7887

Looking for Hidden Churches

Not all churches stand at the top of a hill, or next to a village green, for all to see.  Many nestle down between trees, in combes or even farmyards.  On my cycle ride today I was...