Bee x Fly Orchid

A trip into darkest Somerset to view this rare Bee-Fly Orchid. This is a hybrid of a Bee Orchid and a Fly Orchid. It is not an Orchid that looks like a bee fly! In fact as Karen Woolley points out in her blog they look more like evil purple teddy bears wearing elaborate horned helmets.

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4 Responses

  1. Martin Hagget says:

    Jeff, just seen your posting re this beautiful hybrid. My wife and I live in N.Wales – a long way from Somerset (!) but we have been hoping to see and photograph the Bee x Fly for some time. We are nearly there with photographing the entire British native orchid flora and are homing in on some of the rarer hybrids. Would you be able to give us any help with location of the Fly x Bee (in confidence) and do you have any knowledge as to its likely flowering date? It would be a long trek for us, but we would consider it worthwhile if we could be confident of finding the plant in flower.

    Thank you.


  2. Martin Hagget says:

    Just to say that we were privileged to be able to travel to Somerset to see this remarkable hybrid. The plants are much taller than the parent species – both of which were represented at the site when we visited.

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