Green Hairstreak

Green Hairstreak (Callophyrys rubi) – Deerleap, Somerset, UK. ID JB4_3817. A pair of Green Hairstreaks were flying in circles between bramble bushes as they got faster they spiralled upwards getting closer and closer, then separating to perch on leaves a few feet apart. They repeated this several times each time returning to the same spot. They never showed their brown top-side when settled, this one always showed the same underside – perhaps this was its best side?

One butterfly landed on a leaf that was too far into the bush for me to photograph. This one landed close to the open field where I was standing. Male or female, I’m not sure but it was very tame allowing me to take several pictures. However, it did choose the most shiny leaf on the bush which in the direct midday sun gave the impression that a camera flash had been used.

I could have used my body to put the butterfly in the shade. Casting a shadow over a butterfly is normally the best way to make it fly off. However, with this tame butterfly it may have worked and would have improved the colour saturation.

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