Starling Trail

On the way to Ham Wall the rain was pouring down and our hopes of going out onto the reserve to see anything were very low. But the rain stopped and a lucky gap appeared in the clouds to the west letting in some welcomed evening sunlight. We were treated to a Great White Egret next to the viewing platform, a Bittern fly over, an optimistic Marsh Harrier… and of course one million Starlings!

Starlings Arrive at Ham Wall

Starlings Arrive at Ham Wall

The Starlings descended into the Reed bed only a few hundred yards from the Ashcott Corner car park on the way to the first viewing platform.

Starlings Descend into the Reed bed

Starlings Descend into the Reed

We watched a whirlpool of murmuring Starlings going around and around above the reeds. They seemed to run out of room and the birds moved back and forth between two areas of reeds either side of a line of trees. Being so close to the car park we decided to return to watch the birds rise in the morning. Even though we arrived about an hour too early the Starling display in the morning was fantastic as wave after wave of birds flew out of the reeds.

Starling Dawn

Starling Dawn

But, best of all Anna used Nan’s lovely little Lumix camera to video the Starling dawn.


A Guide to Starling Watching on the Avalon Marshes

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