Colour Field – Red

Earlier in the year I started a project about different coloured fields.  I still have plenty of colours to complete but I had been looking out for poppies so I could tick off red.

Sometimes when you look too hard for something you miss what is under your nose.  This was one such realisation.  I had not noticed that a field which I drive past each day was full of poppies.  I mean this field is right next-door to the main road I drive and cycle along.  It is on the the hill south of Castle Cary, looking in the map I think this hill is called Lodge Hill, or Priddle’s Hill, or even Ansford Hill.

I sometimes worry when I stop to get my camera out on the way to work that my colleagues will see me and take the micky (tease me).  So I kept my head down and photographed the field – quickly.

Poppy Field

Poppy Field (the main road is on the right)

Poppy Field

Poppy Field (taken from the main road)

Poppy Field


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  1. Caroline Whitlam says:

    Seeing your captivating photos has taken me on a beautiful journey that in the past was so familiar to me. Somerset was very much part of my life from my school years to my more advanced years and being of a curious nature, I too trod many a path to marvel at the county’s glory, so thank you for bringing those memories back. I live in Sicily now but from time to time revisit this glorious part of England. Thank you so much.

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