Sun Seeking on Glastonbury Tor

Tor Sunset – Glastonbury, Somerset UK. ID JB5_0052

Glastonbury Tor is the most iconic image of mid-Somerset and pictures of the Tor at sunset are always popular. But having chosen your favourite view how to you know when the sun is going to set behind it? Typically this will happen twice a year, but when?

A few days either side will probably not make much difference if you can move around the road side, footpath or roam into a field to get the perfect alignment. Of course, each day I drive past I could have a look but that is hardly going to be efficient. Luckily, today technology has come to the aid of outdoor photographers in the form of iPhone apps.

The day before I planned my visit I downloaded the Sun Seeker app from Ozpda. This app gives a fantastic augmented reality camera 3D view showing the path of the sun. Using this I could quickly see where and when the sun would pass behind the Tor and sink below the horizon.

So with the aid of this new technology it was possible to get a picture of the sun sitting on the top of the Tor with the church tower in Silhouette.

Tor Sunset – Glastonbury, Somerset UK. ID JB5_0076

How did I choose which day to make my visit? For this I talked to local photographers who new the location from previous years – thanks Jason. But if you are searching for your own view then other apps can help. I chose LightTrac from Rivolu. This shows the direction of the sun at any time of day on a map so you can line up your view point and your subject. This is a great app but the small iPhone screen has it limits so I need to invest in an iPad!

his is a great app but the small iPhone screen has it limits so I need to invest in an iPad!

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  1. 16th July 2012

    […] in January I photographed Glastonbury Tor and experimented with a couple of iPhone apps that aim to track the arc of the Sun across the sky. […]

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