Chasing the Sunrise

Ditcheat Church - Somerset, UK. ID 825_9626

Ditcheat Church – Somerset, UK. ID 825_9626

After a beautiful evening at the top of Glastonbury Tor watching the sunset on the autumn equinox I was keen to capture a sunrise the next day.  This week’s weather forecast was perfect for golden autumn light at the start and end of each day.  I did not want to miss an opportunity.  But by chasing around I kept missing the best moments.

Those Opportunities

My plan was to photograph the Somerset Levels from Pennard Hill early in the morning.  The sky was perfect but my location was poor with the best of the sky out of sight behind a wood.  I could have moved a couple of hundred yards and photographed that beautiful sky behind the Ditcheat Folly.

Unfortunately in panic I rushed down the steep hill hoping the photograph the silhouette of the Ditcheat Church in front of the red sky.  By the time I reached the church the red sky had gone.  Only a small yellow glow remained.  I lined this up with a gap in the trees and tried to make the best of my mistake.

I carried on my way when I remembered the chapel at North Cheriton.  I had hoped to photograph this many times but each time the light was not good or I was in a rush.  Today, I made some time slowed down and took its picture.  It was still dark and as I brightened my underexposed picture on the computer the colours came out bright (but a bit strange).

Cemetery Chapel - North Cheriton, Somerset, UK. ID 825_9632

Cemetery Chapel – North Cheriton, Somerset, UK. ID 825_9632

And Finally….

The sun was still below the horizon.  There was a chance of a sunrise view near Horsington at Tower Hill.  Here there is a long gap in the hedges and with easily parking in a lay-by.  Above the vale of Blackmore was a low mist through which the sun rose above the distant hills.  It felt like a grab shot and not want I wanted.

Sunrise - Templecombe, Somerset, UK. ID 825_9728

Sunrise – Templecombe, Somerset, UK. ID 825_9728

When I go out to take pictures I always have a plan.  Where I’m going and what I’m going to photograph.  Today, as my plan failed I did not have a Plan B – instead in panic I rushed around trying to rescue the morning.  If I had taking a few moments to relax I would have enjoyed the morning so much more.

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