Following My Feet Following Jeff Bevan across Somerset

Cadbury Castle - Somerset, UK. ID 810_5513

Cadbury Castle

Cadbury Castle, also known as King Arthur’s Camelot, is a hill fort in South Somerset.  Today it was surrounded by a yellow sea. Oil-Seed Rape Also known as Rapeseed, today this yellow plant is grown across the country...

Round Wood - Near Wells, Somerset, UK. ID 810_5363

Round Wood

On Milton Hill, above the small City of Wells, in Somerset is a small wood.  It sits on the north side of the hill and spends much of it time in the shade.  But...

St Peters Church - Draycott, Somerset, UK. ID 810_5149

St Peters Draycott

Flying visit to St Peters church in Draycott under the Mendip Hills of Somerset. The Church While the light was good looked great on the stone walls the daffodils were just passed their best.

Rabbits - Wookey Hole, Somerset, UK. ID 810_4861

Rabbit Shoot

This field at Wookey Hole in Somerset was full of rabbits. They had to be photographed because as Easter approaches who does not love a bunny! The Rabbit Shoot I do not have a telephoto lens....

Kings Wood - Somerset, UK. ID 810_4793

Kings Wood

The Woodland Trusts reserve of Kings Wood in Somerset is one I must visit more often.  I quick look around today has convinced me that in a couple of weeks it will be a...

Primroses - Hope Meadow, Ebbor Gorge, Somerset, UK. ID 810_4460

Hope Primroses

Ebbor Gorge in Somerset near Wells has a secret.  Only a few yards from the car park on the easy access trail is a beautiful little meadow full of Primroses, Wood Anemones and Dogs...

Dark-edged Bee-fly (Bombylius major) - Somerset, UK. ID 810_4325

Lynchcombe Update

I am the volunteer reserve manager for the Somerset Wildlife Trust reserve of Lynchcombe.  These grassland fields sit on the edge of the Mendip Hills looking out over the Somerset Levels. Spring Time During the winter...

Wood Anemones - Park Wood, Somerset, UK. ID 810_3868

Park Wood Afternoon

Another return visit to Park Wood and my favourite Wood Anemones (Anemone nemorosa). Those Dark Corners Every wood has its dark corners the secret world of the woodland floor.  The evening light finding its way...

Wood Anemones - Park Wood, Somerset, UK. ID 810_3682

Woodland Stars

A return visit to Park Wood to see the Wood Anemones open in the midday sun.  These stars come out during the day. They follow the sun as it shines between the bare trees to...

Wood Anemones - Park Wood, Somerset, UK. ID 810_3484

Park Wood

Park Wood is an early spring dream for Wood Anemones this year.    This wood near Wells in Somerset is only small but looks beautiful with its floor covered in a carpet of flowers....