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A303 habitat creation - Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset, UK. ID DSC_3058


Beautiful verge alongside the busy A303 dual carriageway through Somerset this summer. Wild flowers for every motorist to see.

Compton Pauncefoot

April Back in April the trees were bare after the long cold winter. A few primroses poked through the ground in front of the church. May Now in May, the countryside has come to...

St Nicholas Church on an Autumn Dawn - Bratton Seymour, Somerset, England. ID 805_0128

Autumn Churches

On a wet cloudy day I looked back at some of my favourite Somerset churches in autumn. This little church is a hidden treasure down one of the many narrow lines in south Somerset....

Autumn Colour - Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset, UK. ID DSC_0614

Corners of Colour

This autumn is looks like being one of the best years for colour.  But these colours are fleeting and work commitments mean it is easy to miss.  So I’m taking every opportunity regardless of the weather....

Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Compton Pauncefoot

Compton Pauncefoot

Today was a return trip to Compton Pauncefoot. I photographed the harvest in the nearby fields last autumn.  In those pictures the church provided a point of focus in the background.   I have...

Making Mist - Compton Pauncefoot

Mist Engines

I’ve returned to the fields at Compton Pauncefoot to capture the straw bales at dawn.  As you can imagine the scene was quite different to my last visit in the evening. Dawn As dawn...

Straw Bales - Compton Pauncefoot

Straw Bales

I have been looking for some straw bales in a good landscape for a few weeks. Finally, I found the fields being harvested at Compton Pauncefoot. Perfect, the fields are crossed with footpaths and...