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Under the bracken - Lynchcombe, Somerset, UK. ID IMG_9307

Lynchcombe Steps

I’m still catching up with posts after a long break with a broken computer and trips away from home. Lynchcombe Nature Reserve I was back up the Mendip Hills to check on the Lynchcombe...

Mother and Lamb - Lynchcombe, Somerset, UK. ID 821_1520

Lynchcombe Steps

Spring on Lynchcombe and there are plenty of mothers and lambs around the reserve. This Somerset Wildlife Trust nature reserve is grazed by sheep to keep the grass short.  They are told to nibble...

Kings Wood - Somerset, UK. ID 810_4793

Kings Wood

The Woodland Trusts reserve of Kings Wood in Somerset is one I must visit more often.  I quick look around today has convinced me that in a couple of weeks it will be a...

Bee-fly (Bombyliidae) on Lynchcombe

Lynchcombe Steps

Lynchcombe is slowly waking up to spring.  The hawthorn is beginning to blossom and a few Early-purple orchids are starting to flower. Early-purples The Early-purple orchids (Orchis mascula) are mainly found in the combe under the trees.  These...

Birds foot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus)

Around Wells

I walked around by local patch looking for flowers.   The best at Yarley Fields and Round Wood near Wells.