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Lynchcombe Lookout - Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_8225

Lynchcombe Lookout

The Lookout Outside the immediate area around your home and work there can be few places that you have visited hundreds of times.  For me the Lynchcombe lookout is one of those places. As...

Evening - Henton, Somerset, UK. ID Henton Panorama

Henton Primroses

Henton Henton is one of the line of mill stream villages that run along the southern edge of the Axe Valley in Somerset. The houses and church are spread along the B3139 squeezed in-between...

Snowdrops - Mells, Somerset, UK. ID 804_2436

Mells Snowdrops

Snowdrops of Wadbury Valley In the steep wooded valley that leads east of the village of Mells are some of my favourite snowdrop sites. The best spot can be found on a raised platform...

Frost - Cross Plain, Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_3668

Cross Plain

Wavering Down Standing guard on the track to Wavering Down I was persuaded to stay and photograph Cross Plain instead. There was a lot of sheep this morning – not all with the same...

Fist snow of the year - Cooks Fields, Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_4813

First Snow

The First Snow We recently had snow for the first time this year.  We did have some last October, not very much but with the autumn colours out it was pretty photogenic.  I did...

Wavering Down

Recently the mists of the Somerset Levels have been breaking like waves against the southern ridge of Mendip Hills.  So I headed up Wavering Down in the hope of some more. Wavering Down At...

Lynchcombe Sycamores - Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_3358H

Mendip Sunset

Perfect Sunset I looked out my window, saw the clear blue sky, and immediately thought there could be good sunsets this evening.  I quickly packed my camera and tripod and dashed up the Mendip...

Dawn Mist - From Crook Peak, Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_2703

Crook Peak

Mist fills the Axe Valley looking towards Cheddar in Somerset. Half way up Crook Peak and it’s time to take some photographs. Many people have seen its peak as they drive passed on the...

Queen Victoria at Christmas - Priddy, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_0615H

The Gingerbread Inn

Queen Vic In the last few years the Queen Vic pub in the village of Priddy is transformed at Christmas into the amazing Gingerbread Inn. And Finally… Even the village green gets some Christmas lights.

Looking west to Crook Peak - Wavering Down, Somerset, UK. ID DSCN1860

Compton Bishop

Compton Bishop This village is tucked into a valley surrounded by Crook Peak and Wavering Down. Today we had a group walk starting at the car park at King’s Wood, around to Compton Bishop,...