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The glossy ibis (Plegadis falcinellus) at Ham Wall

Starling Trail

This morning RSPB Ham Wall was sitting in the fog.  In this weather there was only one option and that was to go to the Tor View hide where you should be as close as...

Starlings leave Waltons East - Ham Wall, Somerset, UK. ID 809_0512

Starling Trail

A foggy start to the day so I ventured out to the Tor View hide in RSPB Ham Wall on the Somerset Levels.  With limited visibility this hide gets you into the middle of...

Queens Sedge Moor - Somerset, UK. ID 809_0083

Queens Sedge Moor

The weather forecast has been a bit hit and miss over the Christmas period.  But mist was forecast for today so I had to find a few minutes to visit Queen’s Sedge Moor between...

Starling Trail

Its Christmas time and this means everyone else in the house gets up late.  So I can sneak out while its still dark and head off to RSPB Ham Wall to watch the starlings...

Christmas Robin - Ham Wall, Somerset, UK. ID 808_4318

Merry Christmas

Another great year in Somerset.  Not much snow but a host of beautiful colours, mists and sunsets marking the seasons. January The year started with the starlings roosting in the far western end of...

Starlings at Dawn on Waltons Heath - Ham Wall, Somerset, UK. ID 808_6084

Starling Trail

Not every visit to the watch the starling murmurations at Ham Wall  is accompanied by a golden sunset or blood red sky in the morning.  Not unsurprisingly sometimes the weather is poor.  Today was a classic...

Riders in the Cold on the Mendip Hills

Winter Wonderland

This week the temperatures dropped down to -6 °Cel.  Today the freezing fog created a beautiful layer of frost across the Mendip Hills and the Somerset Levels.

Dawn over Greens Combe to King Alfreds Tower - Bruton, Somerset, UK. ID 808_1465

Green’s Combe Farm

Just north of Bruton in Somerset is Creech Hill. This is one of the highest points in the landscape at 199 metres.  On the road over the hill is a small triangle with enough...

Somerset Vale - West Pennard, UK. ID 808_0140

West Pennard Morning

This morning a thin layer of mist lay around the levels between Wells and Glastonbury in Somerset.  The fields on Pennard Hill provide a great view overlooking St Nicholas Parish Church towards Glastonbury Tor.  I...

Morning Mist - Pilton, Somerset, UK.

Mist Season

As autumn approaches mist season returns to Somerset .  Today I stopped to photograph Glastonbury Tor surrounded in mist, plus the valleys around West Compton and Pilton. At Dungeon Farm the footpath provided a...