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Autumn Colour - Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset, UK. ID DSC_0614

Corners of Colour

This autumn is looks like being one of the best years for colour.  But these colours are fleeting and work commitments mean it is easy to miss.  So I’m taking every opportunity regardless of the weather....

An average day in Somerset

Another Day

Another day and another long cycle drive across Somerset to my workplace near the border with Dorset.  I decided the night before to take my camera to capture the highlights of the journey as I went....

Shapwick Moor

Shapwick Moor

Today I cycled down to the Hawk and Owl Trust’s Shapwick Moor nature reserve. I normally visit here during the winter when it is used by thousands of Starlings and lots of Lapwings. But its...

6:25 AM

Ridge Road

It is the peak of the sunrise season and as a surprise here is yet another series of pictures of a rapidly rising sun. This time its a fantastic tree on the Ridge Road...

Whitstone Hill Farm

Whitstone Hill Farm

It’s that time of year when the sun rises during my commute to work. The same happens in the autumn. In the summer the dawn is too early and in the winter the sun...

Yarley Tree 4

Tree at Sunrise

A series of pictures showing the Yarley Tree at sunrise.  I choose today as the sun would rise almost due east down the line of the ridge of hills leading across from Henton and Yarley....


Old Stileway Farm

Spillway without Starlings again.  Not sure where they went, but they were not here.  Instead a series of pictures around the farm.