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Snowdrops - St Michaels Church, Blackford, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_1836

Blackford Snowdrops

St Michael’s Church Definitely my favourite churchyard for snowdrops.  Each year St Michael’s church in Blackford in South Somerset puts on a wonderful display.  The snowdrops have been grown in a perfect location to...

Churchyard Snowdrops - St Michaels Church, Somerset, UK. ID 828_0939

Churchyard Snowdrops

I have been looking forward to the arrival of snowdrops again this year.  Some, such as those in the Uphill Donkey Field, popped up very early.  Many have not started to appear. And some,...

Churchyard Snowdrops - Blackford, South Somerset, UK. ID 824_8774

Blackford Snowdrops

The village churches of South Somerset have been a fantastic find.  I’m not sure how I failed to notice the their snowdrops in the past.  Perhaps these flowers are just out too early in the year for...