Category: Dandelions

Dandelions - Bagley, Somerset, UK. ID B011968

Dandelion Meadow

Every now and again you stubble on something truly special.  This time it was a field in Bagley, near Wedmore, in Somerset. I was on the look out for dandelions this spring when a...

Dandelion Panorama - Dearleap, Somerset, UK. ID dandelion_field. [Blended panorama from 7 separate images]

Dandelions and Cowslips

Dandelions and Cowslips It is that time of year when the fields turn yellow with dandelions and a handful of cowslips. Some of the best places are the verges and roundabouts of Shepton Mallet....

Dandelion Field - Yarley, Somerset, UK. ID 825_8962

Dandelions Everywhere

Yellow dandelions are appearing all over Somerset. Dandelions Dandelions close their flowers in the cold and dark.  Despite there being millions of flowers the weather has been so bad that catching them open has...