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Stowell - Somerset, UK. ID 824_8247


Taken from the bench at the view spot on the hill over looking the small village of Stowell in South Somerset.  Recently, the hedge has been cut back opening up this view. Stowell Its evening...

Red Sunset - Nr Croscombe, Somerset, UK. ID 824_6100

Ridge Road Red

Ridge Road A local route known as the Ridge Road is a series of country roads that join Wells and Shepton Mallet in Somerset.  It is a rural rat run used by commuters to avoid...

Sunrise - From Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, UK. ID 824_1250

Glastonbury Sunrise

Before sunrise the lights shine across the Somerset Levels.  The weather forecast was for a clear morning.  Instead we got cloud.  Luckily there was a gap on the horizon that would let the dawn...

Sunset - Waltons Heath, Ham Wall, Somerset, UK. ID 824_1179

Waltons Sunset

A cormorant flies passed the Tor View hide on RSPB Ham Wall.  This hide is set in the centre of Waltons Heath and today it seemed like the perfect spot to watch the starlings...

Golden Ducks - Waltons Heath, Ham Wall, Somerset, UK. ID 809_0750

Golden Wall

Another golden evening at RSPB Ham Wall on the Somerset Levels.  The low sun creating long shadows of the grass growing through the pond weed.  Meanwhile swans, ducks and egrets provided a lot of...

Sunset at Waltons Heath - Ham Wall, Somerset, UK. ID 808_4515

Waltons Heath

The Waltons Heath on the RSPB Ham Wall nature reserve in Somerset is not just about starlings. It is also a beautiful landscape. Brambles There is a saying that when an outdoor photographer has...

Morrisons - Wells, Somerset, UK. ID 1497

Morrisons From Heaven

Two Cathedrals in Wells?  Well on a night like tonight with a sky from heaven I found myself in a roadside lay-by staring at Morrisons as it glowed in the dark.  Rays of gold pointing to the supermarket sitting in-front...

Dawn over Greens Combe to St Alfreds Tower - Bruton, Somerset, UK. ID 808_1409

Alfreds Tower Sunrise

It was 7 am on a cold autumn day high up on the top of Creech Hill near Bruton in Somerset.  Mist was sitting in the valleys between Green’s Combe and King Alfred’s Tower....

Evening Light - Milborne Port, Somerset, UK. ID 808_1404

Milborne Port

Taken from the view spot on Toomer Hill overlooking Milborne Port in Somerset.  This spot is just down the road from one of my running routes.  Today the evening light after work was wonderful.

Draycott Sleights

Sunset Beech

An evening visit to the line of beech trees on Draycott Sleights. These trees on the Somerset Wildlife Trust reserve are a landmark on the south facing ridge of the Mendip Hills in Somerset....