Category: Floods

Escaping the flood - Westhay, Somerset, UK. ID JB_245

Finding Higher Ground

Winter bought lots of floods to this corner of Somerset.  The snow today brought some excitement, but this will melt back to water very quickly.  These days it is best to avoid narrow lanes...

Flooding across the Axe Valley - From Lynchcombe, Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK. ID JB_5551

Lynchcombe Steps

Lynchcombe nature reserve is high up on the south face of the Mendip Hills in Somerset.  It was wide open views across the Somerset Levels.  So it seemed like the perfect place to see...

Flooded Meare Pool - Meare, Somerset, UK. ID JB_5342

Meare Pool

In medieval times Meare Pool was a large fishery pool.  But in the 18th century it was drained and today it no longer exists.  But with all the rain recently we have the chance...

Long Drove - Queens Sedge Moor, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK. ID JB_4482

Long Drove Floods

More flooding between Wells and Glastonbury.  Apparently this is a road. Long Drove is a dead straight road that runs for about 2 miles. This van made it across the deep part.  Several other...

Pumping out the flood water

Somerset Floods

The floods across the Somerset Levels have been hitting the news.  I needed to take an opportunity in a break from work to see what had happened first hand.