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Misty Morning - Deerleap, Somerset, UK. ID 805_0476

Mendip Mists

The southern edge of the Mendip Hills is one of the best places to see the mists across the Somerset Levels.   Easy to reach view points such as the Deerleap picnic site offer...

The Levels in Mist - Lynchcombe, Somerset, UK. ID DSCN6640

White Mist

This morning a mist sat across the Somerset Levels. Before dawn the mist was grey.  But this gave the sky the opportunity to show some colour as the sun’s red light could reach the clouds but not the ground. Mist As...

Glastonbury Tor through the mists of Avalon - Somerset, UK. ID JB3_9606

Mist Season

As the warmth of summer becomes a memory the famous Somerset mist season begins. Lynchcombe and the neighbouring fields of Deerleap are the perfect spot for seeing the morning mists over the Somerset Levels. First Mist Last...

Queens Sedge Moor - Somerset, UK. ID 809_0083

Queens Sedge Moor

The weather forecast has been a bit hit and miss over the Christmas period.  But mist was forecast for today so I had to find a few minutes to visit Queen’s Sedge Moor between...

Dawn over Greens Combe to King Alfreds Tower - Bruton, Somerset, UK. ID 808_1465

Green’s Combe Farm

Just north of Bruton in Somerset is Creech Hill. This is one of the highest points in the landscape at 199 metres.  On the road over the hill is a small triangle with enough...

Morning Mist - Pilton, Somerset, UK.

Mist Season

As autumn approaches mist season returns to Somerset .  Today I stopped to photograph Glastonbury Tor surrounded in mist, plus the valleys around West Compton and Pilton. At Dungeon Farm the footpath provided a...

Long Drove, Queens Sedge Moor, Glastonbury

Long Drove

I’m getting a bit behind is posting – the pressure of work and DIY. A few days ago I was looking at my Lightrac app to find a destination for dawn the next day....

Ditcheat Folly

Ditcheat Folly

On the hill above Ditcheat is a brick folly. The folly has a great view looking south across the Somerset Levels.  Today the mist was climbing up the hill gradually covering the folly.  When...

Across the Axe Valley

Knowle Hill

I’ve returned to the Yarley Tree.  Knowle Hill in the Axe Valley gradually appeared through the mist.

Autumn Mist across the Axe Valley

Axe Valley

Today I drove up Deerleap to photograph the mist that was predicted by the Met Office.  They did a good job and the mist was right on cue. I regularly visit this spot, its...