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Church of St Dunstan - Baltonsborough, Somerset, UK. ID IMG_0806

South Somerset Churches

With the sun out it was a great day for a cycle trip around some of the villages of South Somerset. Baltonsborough I arrived in Baltonsborough just as the hay was being cut in...

Church of St Lawrence - Priddy, Somerset, UK. ID 823_5876

Priddy Church

After my last post I was inspired to re-visit Priddy church. Priddy Village At the centre of this small but scattered village is its large green, with its famous stack of hurdles, that sits in a dip of the...

St Nicholas Church on an Autumn Dawn - Bratton Seymour, Somerset, England. ID 805_0128

Autumn Churches

On a wet cloudy day I looked back at some of my favourite Somerset churches in autumn. This little church is a hidden treasure down one of the many narrow lines in south Somerset....

St Peters Church - Draycott, Somerset, UK. ID 810_5149

St Peters Draycott

Flying visit to St Peters church in Draycott under the Mendip Hills of Somerset. The Church While the light was good looked great on the stone walls the daffodils were just passed their best.

The old Church of St Nicholas, Uphill

Uphill Church

The Old Church of St Nicholas in Uphill has had a great location overlooking Uphill for nearly a thousand years.  The fields surrounding the church are a local nature reserve and each year they put...

Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Compton Pauncefoot

Compton Pauncefoot

Today was a return trip to Compton Pauncefoot. I photographed the harvest in the nearby fields last autumn.  In those pictures the church provided a point of focus in the background.   I have...

Upside down


I do not know Ditcheat very well and this was the first time I had explored the area.  The village is at the base of Pennard Hill from which there are beautiful views in all...

Church of St Mary, Abbas and Templecombe


I’ve been looking for a good time to photograph the church in the village of Templecombe. I pass the church often but rarely with my camera and have in the past missed many opportunities...

Church of Saint Matthew, Wookey

Mr Blue Sky

A flying visit to Wookey on the way home from work on a glorious sunny afternoon.  I had hope to see the trees covered in blossom, but if it was not for the daffodils...

Alhampton Chapel

Alhampton Chapel

Alhampton Chapel is the daughter chapel of The Church of St Mary Magdalene in Ditcheat, Somerset.  The chapel is a Tin Tabernacle, a church made from corrugated iron sheets that could be bought by mail order....