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Snowdrops - Priddy, Somerset, UK. ID 825_4341

Priddy Hill Snowdrops

A couple of weeks after the storm nicknamed the beast from the east hit the UK snow stlll lies around at the sides of the roads. Priddy Hill At the top of the Mendip...

Snowdrops - Priddy, Somerset, UK. ID 809_9129

Priddy Snowdrops

As the snowdrops loose their white shine down in south Somerset I headed north and high to visit Priddy up in the Mendip Hills in the hope of finding flowers that were behind the...

Priddy Tree - Priddy Mineries, Somerset, UK. ID 823_5811

Priddy Tree

Recently I have been going up to the top of Glastonbury Tor to celebrate the sunrise. Today, the forecast for the Mendip Hills was strangely much better than that for the Somerset Levels so...

Church of St Lawrence - Priddy, Somerset, UK. ID 823_5876

Priddy Church

After my last post I was inspired to re-visit Priddy church. Priddy Village At the centre of this small but scattered village is its large green, with its famous stack of hurdles, that sits in a dip of the...

Mendip Field - Priddy, Somerset, UK. ID 809_2405

Priddy Snow

Like most of the UK, the county of Somerset was forecast some snow.  While driving home from work on Thursday heavy snow was falling on Shepton Mallet.  But after a day of rain it...

Waldegrave Pool, Priddy Mineries

Waldegrave Pool

These pictures of Waldegrave Pool, on the Mendip Hills, were taken during the early morning when the air was so calm the water was completely still.  The only ripples caused by the occasional coot collecting nest material....

Ice at Priddy Mineries


The path through Priddy Mineries was covered in frozen puddles.  Helped by trapped air; the flow of water and some hoar frost the ice formed into a series of glass like patterns.

Hoar Frost at Priddy Mineries

Hoar Frost

With the weather forecast promising a cold morning and clear blue skies I booked a day off work in the hope of getting a taste of winter which so far had eluded us this year.  To increase...

Priddy Green

Dawn Till Dusk

Over the last few days I’ve found a bit of time to visit a few churches in Somerset and photograph a couple views across fields and levels. From frosty dawns to red sunsets around Wells....

Mother and Child - Priddy, Somerset, UK. JB5_0549

Mother and Child

Snow finally arrived in Somerset.  Not much by any measure but by luck I had the day off work.  So I set off to the Mendip in search of a winter’s scene – but...