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Babcary Meadows - Somerset, UK. ID JB_8182

Babcary Meadows

Babcary is a small village deep in South Somerset those history goes back to the Domesday Book and beyond, including Wimble Toot a Bronze Age barrow. North of the village is Babcary Meadows. They...

Buttercups on Glastonbury Tor - Somerset, UK. ID JB_7405

Back on Tor

Having spent an evening, followed by an early morning, wondering around South Moor it was time to get back up Glastonbury Tor. It had been a while since my last trip and it always...

Line up for your picture - South Moor, Nr Glastonbury, Somerset, UK. ID IMG_0293

South Moor

Buttercups are spreading out across the Somerset moors.  This year they seem to be doing especially well, and no where is better than South Moor near Glastonbury. The backdrop is the famous Glastonbury Tor....

Buttercups - Fenny Castle, Somerset, UK. ID JB_6521

Buttercup Fields

The fields around Fenny Castle are covered in buttercups.  And they look great in yellow. Buttercup Fields sound more like a building development in a town rather than the open fields of the English...

HOPE - Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, UK. ID IMG_4301

Yellow and White

Buttercups and cow parsley everywhere. Beautiful view across South Moor to Glastonbury Tor.  I saw this view while cycling the Somerset 100 ride a few days ago, today I had to return with my...

Emperor Dragonfly (Anax imperator) - Bagley, Nr Wedmore, Somerset, UK. ID BR57678

Back to Bagley

I came across beautiful field in Bagley while out on by bicycle looking for dandelions earlier in the year.  Cycling is a great way to see the landscape, you are high enough to peer...

Buttercup Meadow - Rattling Bow, Nr Wedmore, Somerset, UK. ID BR57501


The last couple of springs the Somerset Levels have been a sea of yellow buttercups. Barrow Hill, at Panborough, is one of my favourite hills.  This is all down to that tree growing out...

Garden End Farm - Theale, Somerset, UK. ID BR54475

Axe Valley Buttercups

On a clear morning, at this time of year, the valley fills with mist. Gradually the mist burns away. As bright blue skies appear over the small hills that spring up across the valley....

The White and Green Flag of Uphill

Uphill Nature Reserve

Today I returned to Uphill nature reserve as I had heard that it was golden with buttercups. The weather was dull and grey but there sure was a lot of buttercups. This may help...

Godney Moor, Somerset

Spring Moors

A few more pictures of moors on the Somerset Levels. Photographed on my way home – cows and buttercups in spring.