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Cow Parsley Seed Heads Silhouette - Queens Sedge Moor, Nr Glastonbury, Somerset, UK. ID BR54695

Early Morning Necklaces

Misty morning down on the Somerset Levels near Glastonbury. Across the moor the cobwebs caught the morning dew.  Creating early morning necklaces. Science Bit Pearly drops of water on these silken threads is something we...

Queens Sedge Moor - Somerset, UK. ID 809_0083

Queens Sedge Moor

The weather forecast has been a bit hit and miss over the Christmas period.  But mist was forecast for today so I had to find a few minutes to visit Queen’s Sedge Moor between...

Glastonbury Tor in the morning mist

Queens Sedge Moor

I visited Queens Sedge Moor several times during to day to capture the changing colours and moods.  This moor lies between Wells and Glastonbury on the edge of the Somerset Levels in the UK....