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Worm Moon - Dungeon Farm, Croscombe, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_8915

Worm Moon

Full Moons and Super Moons This month’s full moon is a supermoon.  The distance between the Moon and the Earth varies because the Moon’s orbit is not a circle.  If a full moon coincides...

Church of St Mary the Virgin - Croscombe, Somerset, UK. ID IMG_4655


Croscombe Croscombe village lies between Wells and Shepton Mallet in Somerset.  Until recently it had a garage that serviced my motorcycle.  The George Inn has been a destination for many of our Sunday walks. The...

Meadow cranes-bill (Geranium pratense) - Ridge Road, Croscombe, Somerset, UK.

Meadow cranes-bill

This is a patch of Meadow cranes-bill (Geranium pratense) on the corner of the Ridge Road and Old Wells Road above the village of Croscombe in Somerset. This beautiful flower is very common along the local...