Daily Archive: October 23, 2021

Early Morning Mist - Priddy Mineries, Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK. ID BR59101

Blue, White & Gold

North of the small City of Wells in Somerset is an area of the Mendip Hills called Priddy Mineries.  It was once an industrial mining area for the Romans and then again for the...

Festival of the Moon - Wells, Somerset, UK. ID IMG_0110

Festival of the Moon

Looking up at the moon from inside Wells Cathedral. Festival of the Moon The moon appeared in Wells Cathedral as part of the Festival of the Moon. If looks surreal as it floats between...

Nyland Hill across Cheddar Moor - Somerset, UK. ID BR58746

Nyland Tump

Nyland Hill This may be a small hill but in this flat landscape it is a natural landmark.  It is even more special as there is a public bridleway followed by open access land...