Lynchcombe Steps

Lynchcombe – Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK. ID IMG_9413

I’m still catching up with posts after a long break with a broken computer and trips away from home.

Lynchcombe Nature Reserve

I was back up the Mendip Hills to check on the Lynchcombe nature reserve.  Early in the summer and most of the action seemed to be amongst last years dead bracken.

Under the bracken – Lynchcombe, Somerset, UK. ID IMG_9307

Bracken encroachment is an endless management problem on the reserve.  But today I saw at the dead bracken seems to protect many of the small flowers from grazing.

Cowslips – Lynchcombe, Somersest, UK. ID IMG_9404

The first early-purple orchids have appeared in the woodland slopes of the combe.

Early-purple Orchid – Lynchcombe, Somerset, UK. ID IMG_9389

A few bluebells line the edge of the combe next to the new wire fence.

Bluebells – Lynchcombe, Somerset, UK. ID IMG_9327

Speckled wood butterflies attempted to warm up close to the ground.

Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria) – Lynchcombe, Somerset, UK. IMG_9424

And Finally…

Volunteers and staff continue to do wonderful work around the reserve.

Wall repairs – Lynchcombe, Somerset, UK. ID IMG_9450

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