Worm Moon

Supermoon - Somerset, UK. ID 824_4759

Supermoon – Somerset, UK. ID 824_4759

Full Moons and Super Moons

This month’s full moon is a supermoon.  The distance between the Moon and the Earth varies because the Moon’s orbit is not a circle.  If a full moon coincides with when the Moon is closest to the Earth it is called a supermoon.  They can be 10% bigger and nearly a third brighter compared to when the moon is furthest away.

I cannot tell the difference.

Brightness varies with the weather, and an optical illusion makes the moon look bigger when low in the sky.  Obviously, clouds look smaller near the horizon because they are further way but the moon stays the same size when near the horizon – so by consequence seems bigger.

Worm Moon

Today’s moon is called the Worm Moon (the names seems to be an American thing).  It is a supermoon and close to the western horizon – so I had to photograph it when a break opened in the clouds early in the morning.

With the dawn just about to start in the east the western sky had a soft pink Alpenglow.  The moon slowly sank into the bank of cloud before disappearing.

Worm Moon - Dungeon Farm, Croscombe, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_8915

Worm Moon – Dungeon Farm, Croscombe, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_8915

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