iOS6 kicks the Light off Trac

Has Apple killed by favorite app?  I recently posted about the iPhone LightTrac app. Back then it used Google maps but following an upgrade of my iPad to iOS6 it appears to be using the amazing Apple Maps. The impact is clear.  Below is the screenshot I used to demonstrate the app running on my iPhone with iOS5. The Deerleap Tree is clearly outstanding in its field, as is the gateway from which I take its picture.

Next is the same area of map this time using Apple’s Maps on my upgraded iPad. No tree, no gateway, not even the road – just its name in tiny letters three times!

Below is how LightTrac attempts to display the same location on my iOS6 iPad.  It appears to have no maps to display.  Ah, but we do have the road back!

For now my iPhone will stay firmly on iOS5. Anybody got a Nexus 7 I can borrow?


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