Starling Trail

Starlings at Ham Wall

A group of Starlings descend into the reed bed at Ham Wall

It was predicted that the Starling roost this Saturday would be split. Some birds going to Shapwick Heath and some to Ham Wall. Not knowing which end of Shapwick Heath to try I decided to go to Ham Wall.

I large number of birds arrived at around 15:45 just as the RSPB were finishing their talk. Compared to last week there was very little display as the birds descended quickly in the reed bed – perhaps it was the colder weather, or the lower numbers of birds.

The biggest group of birds roosted about 200m past the first viewing platform on the right-hand side of the path. During the next half an hour the smaller groups moved over the reeds to join the main group. This created a lot of noise but by then it was getting too dark for photographs.

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