Meare Morning

Today I went for a walk along the River Brue at Meare before heading off to work. It was very early as I had to be in South Somerset on the Dorset border by 7am.  But I new the weather would still be good for a morning mist.  Meare is a great spot for mists and being on a good road it was easy to get to without too much of a diversion from my normal commute.

The sun was rising somewhere behind Glastonbury Tor, the River Brue was flowing slow and smooth.  The Heron on the gate did not hang around long and without a telephoto getting close enough was a challenge.

On returning to Meare I had to take yet another picture of the Abbot’s Fish House.

Heron in the mist

Heron in the mist

Moorland Mist

Moorland Mist

The Abbots Fish House

The Abbot’s Fish House

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