Starling Trail

Its the Christmas break and I’m keen to visit the Starlings on the Avalon Marshes as often as possible. This winter has been one of the mildest on record. With the warm temperatures comes cloud. The birds roost after sunset, and leave at dawn, so the weather has a huge impact. We have had too many dull grey days this winter!

I came down to Ham Wall last night to watch the birds roost. Today I wanted to capture the birds leaving the roost and filling the sky in-front of Glastonbury Tor. The Waltons has some excellent view points and I was in place very early in the morning to claim mine.

The noise of the birds soon gives away their location and with tripod set I was ready and waiting.

Last Night

The birds roost in the far corner of the Waltons.

The roost settles the night before

The roost settles the night before

This Morning

I had set my tripod up with the camera pointing down the water towards Glastonbury Tor.  The first wave is massive as a quarter of a million birds lift into the sky.  Its still too dark and the pictures are poor.

First Wave

First Wave

More Waves

A series of waves take-off as the light gradually improves with the rising sun.

Take Off - 1

Wave Two

Take Off - 2

Wave Three

Take Off - 3

Wave Four

And Finally

Returning to the entrance of the Waltons the sun as one last surprise.  The sky catches fire!

Sunrise Flames

A flaming dawn at Ham Wall

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