Starling Trail

This post was supposed to have been about Starlings. As is often the case the birds decided to go somewhere else this evening. With only a few distance shots of the birds over the Wilderness Road I needed something else to focus on. Welcome the Super Moon…

Super Moon
This is the first time in decades that there will be a full moon on Christmas Day. With the amount of cloud we have had this winter there is little hope of seeing it tomorrow. However, on Christmas Eve the moon is even brighter as it is a Super Moon. A Super Moon occurs when a full moon coincides with the time the moon’s orbit is closest to the earth. It can be nearly a third bigger that a micro-moon when the moon is at its furthest away.

The best time to see a Super Moon is at Moonrise as you can appreciate the large size of the moon against the surroundings. A classic image is of a Super Moon in front of Glastonbury Tor.  I had not planned for that shot.  Anyway, I had the chance to photograph Starlings in-front of a Super Moon – thats far more special!

But first…

A rainbow over Ham Wall.  Thats me in the middle.  I appear to be doing some form of yoga posture while taking the picture.

Rainbow at Ham Wall

Rainbow at Ham Wall


Here it is. The Super Moon moonrise from the viewing platform on Ham Wall.  The colours of the sky as captured by the camera were beautiful (helped here with a little software vibrance).

Super Moon rises over the Horizon

Super Moon rises over the Horizon

An finally…

A wave of Starlings finally performs in-front to the Super Moon.

The Starlings and the Super Moon

The Starlings and the Super Moon

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