Jeff BevanWelcome to the blog of outdoor photographer, artist and web designer Jeff Bevan. I’m based in the middle of Somerset, and I am an experienced natural history and landscape artist and photographer. I am a keen conservationist doing voluntary reserve management for the Somerset Wildlife Trust.

If you like to see more of my work then visit may website at www.jeffbevan.co.uk or my Flickr page.

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  1. Hi Jeff, I stumbled upon your Flickr page. Your Somerset pictures are breathtaking. I pinned them onto my Pinterest Board. 🙂

  2. I am quite taken by you photographs, they are all so full of life. Also, I love the colours in your work.
    Kind regards,
    Josefina Apollonia

  3. Su says:

    Hello from Malaysia. Beautiful photos. Helps guide me as I visit Somerset this Spring.

  4. Noelle says:

    Superb pictures and details of special places in and around the Mendips. I have put a link to my blog, so that friends can see what a wonderful place we live in.

  5. kit says:

    I wanted to enquire about using one of your images as a Christmas card. Did you get an email from your contact form?

    • Jeff Bevan says:

      Hi Kit, I have sent you a separate email. Normally, I am happy for my pictures to be used. However, depending on how you plan to use it there may be some terms and conditions.
      Many thanks

  6. Stephanie Price says:

    Hi Jeff – I’ve left a message before but I’m not sure whether you have received it? My grandmother was born and bred in Brent Knoll (1908) and I have written an tribute historical fiction piece on The Mount of Frogs. I would dearly love one or more of your photographs that capture the essence of the area and in particular the Brent Knoll Hillfort. I have visited the area and allegedly the public toilets used to be her school – however, when I visited the toilets there they looked purpose built to me so I guess they’d been demolished and rebuilt! I am no way capable of taking pictures like yours and would dearly like to boast at least one of them on the front cover when it comes to publishing so that younger relations can see what a mystical environment my grandmother came from… Kind regards – Stephanie Price

    • Jeff Bevan says:

      Hi Stephanie, I’m very pleased you like my picture and would be happy for you to use them in your tribute. Which pictures were you interested in? Jeff

      • Stephanie Price says:

        Hi Jeff – Thank you so much for responding. I was interested in Lynchcombe Gate UK.ID BR57131, Mendip Storms UK.ID 807_1500 & Brent Knoll from Lynchcombe UK.ID DSCN4746. If you’re amenable I can liaise with the publishers as to whether I can use all three (as I want and that was cutting the list down!) or whether they make me stick to the front cover? Once again, you’ve caught the enchanted essence and the pictures made my heart jump and my face light up! Thank you again. Stephanie

  7. Dr Stewart Harding says:

    Hi Jeff, I hope you don’t mind me contacting you this way. I have been trying to track you down because I would love to include your beautiful photo of King Alfred’s Tower from under an old oak tree in South Brewham in the second edition I am compiling of my book The Long Walk to Glastonbury – details of which you can see here. On our walk (in 1973) we passed this very spot! Thank you. Stewart

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