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Floods on Splotts Moor - Nr Glastonbury, Somerset, UK. ID BR50956

Splotts Moor

Early morning flood adventures in the shadow of Glastonbury Tor. Splotts Moor When I visited the flood waters on Westbury Moor I also saw a lot of flooding around Splotts Moor.  So this morning...

Spring Picnic on the Village Green - Priddy, Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK. ID 825_9581

Priddy in Yellow

This has been a yellow spring and early summer.  Dandelions everywhere followed by buttercups.  I’m not sure why they are so good this year, maybe it has been the lack of warm sunny days....

Snow - Lynchcombe, Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_2920

Lynchcombe Snow

After the steep walk up the hill from my home the white landscape in the Mendip Hills looked beautiful. To begin with the weather was cloudy, but soon the low winter sun managed break...

Brambles - Lynchcombe, Somerset, UK. ID IMG_8669

Ebbor Snow

Time for a local walk to get some lockdown exercise in the snow! Normally, I would take all my photography kit on a day like today.  But I would not feel comfortable doing that...

Mudgley - From North Chine Drove, Somerset, UK. ID IMG_6732

Going for a Ride

I have been going for lots of cycle rides as the lockdown eases.  Its a time to escape for a couple of hours in the middle of the week and enjoy some sunshine. On...

Lynchcombe Sycamores - Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_3358H

Mendip Sunset

Perfect Sunset I looked out my window, saw the clear blue sky, and immediately thought there could be good sunsets this evening.  I quickly packed my camera and tripod and dashed up the Mendip...

Spring Morning - Longwood, Somerset, UK. ID 825_0621H

Colours of May

This summer has been so busy.  So I have decided the only way to catch up is to write a single post for the whole of May. The Colours of May Spring is a...

Lots Grassland - Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK. ID 824_4072

Lots Grassland

Lots Grassland Today I continued my winter walks – this time to Lots Grassland.  This neutral and acid grassland nature reserve is full of bluebells during spring.  Today this open access reserve was covered in...

Spring meadow at Westbury-sub-Mendip, Somerset


Westbury-sub-Mendip is a village on the south facing slopes of the Mendip Hills Wells and Cheddar.    This spring the fields above the village are covered in bright yellow buttercups.

Blue and Yellow

Colour Field – Yellow

Yellow Oilseed Rape fields at Shapwick. I think these fields are part of Kent Farm, but its hard to know when one farm ends and the next starts. These fields are alongside the Hawk...