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Floods on Splotts Moor - Nr Glastonbury, Somerset, UK. ID BR50956

Splotts Moor

Early morning flood adventures in the shadow of Glastonbury Tor. Splotts Moor When I visited the flood waters on Westbury Moor I also saw a lot of flooding around Splotts Moor.  So this morning...

East Waste in flood - Somerset, UK. ID 824_8171

East Waste

In recent years it has become obvious to all that the Somerset Levels are prone flooding.  Today I visited an area that is frequently under water. East Waste East Waste, and its neighbour West Waste,...

Water Ladybirds (Anisosticta punctata)

Water ladybirds escape the flood

Water Ladybirds (Anisosticta punctuate) on the entrance gate posts to RSPB Greylake nature reserve on the Somerset Levels.  Normally these ladybird spend winter between leaves and in stems of reeds and grass tussocks.  I assume as much...

Pumping out the flood water

Somerset Floods

The floods across the Somerset Levels have been hitting the news.  I needed to take an opportunity in a break from work to see what had happened first hand.

London 2012 Autumn Olympics

This is a picture of the Dearleap Tree I took today while it was raining. Yesterday's picture looked the same, and the one taken the day before that, and the day before that, and…...

These fields need a Bale Out

Successful hay making relies on the grass being thoroughly dried before it is baled. I’m not sure this farmer near Glastonbury baled dry grass but after the wettest June in a hundred years in...