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Duncliffe Wood - Dorset, UK. ID IMG_9167

Duncliffe Wood

A bank holiday trip over the border of Somerset to Duncliffe Wood in North Dorset. Spring Morning Early spring morning in an ancient magical bluebell wood. You know that you got up early when...

Large Skipper (Ochlodes sylvanus) - Lynchcombe, Somerset, UK. ID 825_1232

Lynchcombe Steps

After the cold spring June became very hot.  Lynchcombe soon turned green with fresh new leaves, very tall grass and lots of bracken. Lynchcombe This year dog rose was in flower in large numbers...

Comma (Polygonia c-album) - Great Breach Wood, Somerset, UK. ID 822_9274

Rediscovery Trail

Back on the Discovery Trail through the Great Breach Wood in the heart of Somerset. Silver-Washed Fritillaries At this time of year you cannot miss the large silver-washed fritillary butterflies gliding through the rides...