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Roof Tiles - Church of St John the Baptist, Horsington, Somerset, UK. ID JB1_3689


Horsington The village is famous for the dip in the busy A357.  But it has more than that including a village pond, a pub, village hall and a church.  Today set off in search...

Cemetery Chapel - North Cheriton, Somerset, UK. ID 825_9632

Chasing the Sunrise

After a beautiful evening at the top of Glastonbury Tor watching the sunset on the autumn equinox I was keen to capture a sunrise the next day.  This week’s weather forecast was perfect for...

Horsington, Somerset


A morning visit to Horsington in South Somerset.  I hoped to photograph the flowers around the stream and pond.  The pond was dry but the Red Campion (Silene dioica) was beautiful. And Finally… Horsington has...