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Pussy Willow - Deerleap car park, Mendip Hills, Nr Wells, Somerset, UK. ID IMG_5858

Up Yours

On a rare weekend trip away we were strolling around the famous Pavilion in Brighton when one of the guides suggested we put our phones face down on floor and take a picture looking...

The Deerleap Tree - Somerset, UK. ID IMG_010


Its coming to the end of the year following the Deerleap Tree so I thought I would play with some of the past images with another of my favorite iOS apps Snapseed. Especially as...

Deerleap Tree - Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK. ID JB5_3538

Deerleap Tree on LightTrac

Back in January I photographed Glastonbury Tor and experimented with a couple of iPhone apps that aim to track the arc of the Sun across the sky. The apps were Sun Seeker and LightTrac...