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Stockhill Woods, Somerset

Stockhill Fire

Dawn and the Stockhill Woods on the Mendip Hills in Somerset are ablaze with the colours of a fabulous sunrise.  The dawn is reflected in the Waldegrave Pool which was flat on this rare calm...

Early Snow - Priddy Mineries, Somerset, UK. ID JB5_4832

Early Snow in Somerset

Only a couple of days into November and a very early snowfall covers parts of Somerset around the Mendip Hills. It was a warm day and I went for a run in the morning....

After the Fire - Priddy Mineries, Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK. ID JB_2502

After the Fire

Only a week after a heathland fire at Priddy Pool on the Mendip Hills in Somerset this dandelion has grown up through the burnt grass and gorse to restore a splash of colour. Heathland...