Beacon Hill Wood

Beacon Hill Woods above Shepton Mallet is a Woodland Trust wood and is the best local wood for autumn colour. Its an interesting wood with a long history. It has some bluebells which I will try to find next spring.

Some of the best parts of the wood are just next to the entrance from the car park.  I have photographed this stack of rotting logs several times, each time hoping to bring something different to the view.  They usually all look very similar.

Beacon Hill - Shepton Mallet

Beacon Hill – Shepton Mallet

Dropping down the steep bank by the ancient Fosse Way is an area of the wood that is a sea of leaves and gets the first of the sun as it rises over the neighbouring fields.

Autumn Colours - Beacon Hill Woods

Autumn Colours – Beacon Hill Woods

In the middle of the wood is a carpet of leaves.

Carpet of Golden Leaves

Carpet of Golden Leaves

Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours – The same stack of logs!

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